Existent, lat.-deutsch, daseiend; Existenz, Dasein, Bestand; Lebensunterhalt; existiren, dasein, bestehen.


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  • existent — EXISTÉNT, Ă, existenţi, te, adj. Care există, se află, trăieşte; care se manifestă. [pr.: eg zis ] – Din fr. existant (după existenţă). Trimis de RACAI, 13.09.2007. Sursa: DEX 98  Existent ≠ inexistent, neexistent Trimis de siveco, 03.08.2004.… …   Dicționar Român

  • Existent — Ex*ist ent, a. [L. existens, entis, p. pr. of existere. See {Exist}.] Having being or existence; existing; being; occurring now; taking place. [1913 Webster] The eyes and mind are fastened on objects which have no real being, as if they were… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • existent — Adj. (Aufbaustufe) vorhanden, als existierend feststellbar Beispiel: Diese E Mail Adresse ist nicht mehr existent …   Extremes Deutsch

  • existent — index actual, bodily, concrete, conscious (awake), corporeal, current, de facto, extant …   Law dictionary

  • existent — 1560s, a back formation from existence, or else from L. existentem/exsistentem (nom. existens/exsistens), prp. of existere/exsistere (see EXISTENCE (Cf. existence)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • existent — ► ADJECTIVE ▪ existing …   English terms dictionary

  • existent — [eg zis′tənt, igzist′ənt] adj. [L existens, prp. of existere, EXIST] 1. having existence or being; existing 2. existing now; present; immediate …   English World dictionary

  • existent — [[t]ɪgzɪ̱stənt[/t]] ADJ You can describe something as existent when it exists. [FORMAL] → See also non existent Their remedy lay within the range of existent technology. Syn: existing …   English dictionary

  • existent — adjective Etymology: Latin exsistent , exsistens, present participle of exsistere Date: 1561 1. having being ; existing 2. existing now ; present < existent methods of flood control > • existent noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • existent — ex|ist|ent1 [ıgˈzıstənt] adj formal existing now ≠ ↑nonexistent ▪ existent differences existent 2 existent2 n technical something that is real and exists …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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